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Let nature inspire us to glorify its creator, and work done in the service of the creation is the highest form of worship.

About us

Our Vision

Aahanaa Heritage Foundation was born from an ardent desire to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the simple artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

We hope to be able to raise the dignity of the Indian artisan in our own small way.

This portal was conceived with the sole objective of featuring Indian art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form, bringing it closer to people across the world.

About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard the rich and vast cultural heritage India has by undertaking measures to preserve this gradually declining arts and promote and preserve this ethnic art by giving the artists a platform to use their talents in the best possible way.

For the same we would reach remote areas and artisans to help them to continue with their art and talent. We would also provide them economic assistance by selling their items, exporting them. We also will arrange various platform like workshops, exhibitions, fairs to make the art work available to citizen where they can both sell and do publicity of their art.

At Aahanaa Heritage we, like all Indians are proud of our art, culture and rich heritage hence, we request all of you to join hand in this mission to save our disappearing arts which we feel is also our duty as an Indian citizen.

Our Story

Craftsmanship in India comes naturally to hundreds of thousands of its unlettered people who weave myths, legends and simple daily experiences into different forms of creativity that can change shape form day to day, yet maintain their consistency for centuries to enrich their lives.

There are many different worlds contained within the geographical boundaries of India. The world of its craftspeople, with their hand made goods and textiles, spans millennia and spreads across the length and breadth of the land. To hundreds and thousands of Indian artisans, fusion of utility and aesthetics comes naturally.

People's art in India does not wait for a canvas or paints made in a factory. Rock faces and caves, a village wall, the floor, a threshold, a palm leaf, a piece of wood, or even the palm of a hand is space enough. For colours, the infinite use provided by nature from flowers, leaves or stones suffices. The instinctive urge to honour nature and avoid polluting it allows people with traditional wisdom to experiment with any natural resource they find around them. Even when they move to pigments and consequently brighten their expressions, their images, stories, motifs and local identities remain true to their known cultural understanding.

The history of India's crafts is a story of humankind's engagement with Nature. Creative hands turn rock into objects of divinity, minerals into lamps to worship them, plants into woven textures to wear and waste materials into beautiful objects of everyday utility.

The Indian crafts practitioner is therefore the greatest conservationist who craves to live in harmony with his environment.

Let nature inspire us to glorify its creator and work done in the service of the creation should be considered as one of the form of worship.


Aahanaa Heritage Foundation has been started with an avowed goal to make artist economically strong and elevate the status of artist. Towards this it has started two-pronged strategy; state-of-art technology within reach of the remotest area and their artist and to reintegrate artists in the society by valuing their art. For the same we are doing several inter-related activities which would be envisaged and implemented.



All along Aahanaa Heritage Foundation has had a clear and definitive approach:

  • All individuals are equal and have inalienable civil rights.

  • They have right to opportunity, growth and standard of living.

  • Disadvantaged sections of population cannot be left to fend for themselves, they need to be helped to help themselves to become a part of national mainstream.

  • Directed personal and group interaction has a positive educational value and accelerated change and development. To have this one needs to work with and for the down-trodden.

  • Community sensitization and mobilization are essential for bringing about substantive and sustainable change among them, as they are weighted down as by economic deprivation as by hoary traditions.

Our Team

We are group of people working in different fields who have come together for the passion of art and artisans, excited to work with and for them. We use a happy blend of approaches and techniques to achieve our goal. We enjoy our work and working with artisans. Every member of our team believes strongly in empowering artisans through

their art.

Our Mission
Our Story
Our Team
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