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Our Team

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We are group of people working in different fields who have come together for the passion of art and artisans, excited to work with and for them. We use a happy blend of approaches and techniques to achieve our goal. We enjoy our work and working with artisans. Every member of our team believes strongly in empowering artisans through their art...


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Anita Jha is Senior Vice President with Sulabh International Social Service Organization founded by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, she has also worked in Merchants’ Chamber of Uttar Pradesh as Secretary General. She has been actively involved in several programs with different departments of International agencies and Govt. of India, State Government with rich experience of designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation frame works, analytical skills and considerable work with data computation, interpretation and analyses.

As SVP in Sulabh International Social Service Organisation has supported implementation of projects and coordination with various International Organizations like Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), World Toilet Organisation, Singapore International Water Week, Canadian Red Cross Society, UNESCAP, UNICEF, WHO, UN-HABITAT, UNDP, USAID, UN-ECOSAN etc. She also worked as Independent Expert on the issue of Human Rights Obligations in Geneva.

She has been writing for nation and international papers, magazines and journals since 1994 and having more than 18 years of experience of Liaison with Central and State Governments for public relations work including Corporate policies & infrastructure

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Social Entrepreneur collaborating and partnering with business and social communities. Learning first hand about the people, the environment and the obstacles in which we operate. Leveraging technology, human touch and the nature at large !
Working in areas to empower underprivileged communities through education and interactions, by collaborating with educated, socially conscious and affluent communities. Big dreams are difficult without basic needs being met! and this becomes the integral part of any social entrepreneurship.

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