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Art is fundamental to humanity , it helps us to grow as individual, it brings us together regardless of our creed, colour or age. It helps us to express our values. India has a rich heritage of art and culture but sadly many of these are on the verge of extinction. 

Many of these traditional art and craft are dying due to modernization and technological development getting replaced by machine made product and the handicrafts artisans are the one who suffer most moving to alternative source of livelihood like daily wage laborer.

You can contribute in preserving our rich heritage by either purchasing the product or donating directly here. Your donation would be utilized directly for welfare of Artisans, creating livelihood for them and to preserve the rich heritage of Indian Art and Craft. The money collected would be also used to revive art forms and spread awareness specially to urban class.

You can also join us by letting us know about any dying art or craft near your area or also letting us know any artisans who would like to use this platform to sell their products.

Let’s all come together in whatever way we can in helping and moving towards a world where artisans are given due respect and their skills appreciated by all.

For now we are not accepting donations, however any purchase by you will help the artisans & support the art form...


Thank you !

Please join the mission....

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