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A Visit to Noida Haat

NOIDA HAAT- “A HUB for One-Of-A-Kind Rustic Village like Vibe" By:- DIVYA ANAND

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A voice to our ears; when someone says shopping and food with the authenticity as well as varied diversity of our nation; one of the first places that come to my mind in a single breath is “HAAT.” A haat is typically one kind of fair where people display or sell goods and food. This is one local open-air market held regularly at certain places.

Noida Haat is one such place that I explored recently with my family and it has a vibrant display of Indian Craftsmanship. One can find here dress material, home furnishings, chunky jewelry, cutlery, and much more. It is an iconic craft and Food Bazaar spread in a sprawling area of 10 acres at a prime, central and accessible location in the industrial city of Noida. It has a unique ambiance of a “HAAT” concept which is traditionally the village market blended with the needs of the contemporary modern market.

Let me present some compelling reasons that are strong enough for you to visit Noida Haat:-

1. Hues of Rainbow

The magic of this Haat is no matter how bad you are at photography; you will still startle yourself to click “India” in one place with the mornings of all seasons, afternoons of winters, and evenings of summers.

2. To shop for handcrafted items made by local artisans across India

From Kashmiri Pashmina to Southern Silk, one can find tons of goodies crafted by traditional artisans from Jammu to Kerala and Gujarat to Manipur. There is a lot to leave you spoilt for choice.


Tip: - One has to bargain hard. They quote exorbitant prices.

3. Chokhi Haveli

Picture Credit:- Google Images

No time to travel back and forth but still want to get immersed in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan; then Chokhi Haveli is the hidden, quirky and colorful place with village experience like no other. Apart from the delicious food, one will be left spellbound with a bunch of fun-filled activities like pottery, live-performances, magic, camel rides and puppet shows, to name selectively few.

4. To explore and appreciate diversity through various state stalls

This is a small ode to the rich cultural diversity of India. Besides handicrafts, one can find unique spices and dry fruits too.

5. Exclusive collection of bags and footwear

One cannot leave without buying a pair of oneself. They have an amazing collection.

6. Festivals of India

The HATT group organizes a number of cultural events and shows periodically all throughout the year with the support and co-operation from various central ministries and State government bodies to celebrate the different occasions or festivals and promote the products so that they can reach out to a large number of people.

Situated in the heart of city, Noida Haat is a brilliant example of what India stands for. It’s a great place to experience the vibrancy of the country’s diversity without going to an all India Tour. The HUNAR HUB of Noida Haat aims to encourage and promote the artisans, weavers, and handicraft and handloom manufacturers from all over the country so that they can show their products to the urban crowd and also preserve the rich cultural heritage of India. The whole are is landscaped in such a way that it appears like a perfect green zone with No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Plastic and No Gutka in accordance with the Swaach Bharat Campaign.

“Visit Noida Haat and you would know why we call our India- INCREDIBLE INDIA”

Aahanaa Heritage is established with the sole purpose of promotion of Indian Art and Heritage. We, established at the ground root level make sure that the Indian artisans are well uplifted in the society. They get promoted through this Indian architecture. This has a double sided role vis a vis it does not promote just the Indian Heritage but also is a means of survival for the struggling Indian Artisans. It’s high time that all of us join our hands together and work towards this direction because “United we stand and Divided we fall.”


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1 Comment

Arun Roy
Arun Roy
Aug 09, 2022

Wonderful writeup on Noida Haat, one of the vibrant and happening place in NCR.

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